Chateau de Montreuil Bellay - Vallée de la Loire
Visite intérieure guidée

Guided tour of the interior ...

All tours of the inside of the Château are conducted with a guide. Each visit takes fifty minutes to an hour, depending on the groups, - just enough time to grasp the magic of this interior.

One can visit two levels in the Château : the fully furnished ground floor and the vaulted cellars ...

Built in the fifteenth century, above some magnificent vaulted cellars which have been used for wine-making for so many years, the château is the central point of the guided tour: dining room with beams carved with symbolic figures, the Duchess of Longueville’s bedroom, a large drawing room furnished with antiques, a little music room and a monumental stair-case (a delightful surprise at the end of the tour). Frescoes in the oratory, painted by a pupil of Leonardo Da Vinci, are temporarily inaccessible due to pending restoration work. You might, however, be lucky enough to get a glimpse of them through the glass door.











The medieval kitchen ...

The medieval kitchen and foyer have been kept in excellent condition. This kitchen is built in the fashionable style of the period, the like of which can also been in Fontevrault Abbey; with its fifteenth century lateral chimneys and large ovens with flamboyant brasses. Food produced here must have been good.
It is also possible to organise a tasting session of the château wines for those who are interested.



Take your time…..Relax, and let yourself be transported by this waking dream ...

Round up your visit by taking a stroll in the gardens and having a taste of our wines. Then take a few minutes to relax in the shade of the lime trees with a refreshment and your visit will be complete.