Chateau de Montreuil Bellay - Vallée de la Loire
Visite - Promenade extérieure libre, découverte de la forteresse, des jardins...

Take a tour of the grounds ...

The Fortress :

The perimeter is marked out by six hundred and fifty metres of ramparts and thirteen towers, which visitors can take a tour of at their leisure. There is a barbican (drawbridge tower). There are towers, moats and turrets. All the fortifications are preserved in excellent condition making Montreuil-Bellay one of the most beautiful surviving examples of a medieval fortress in the region.

The Canons' quarters :

The four independent blocks, each with its own external spiral staircase, were built in the fifteenth century for the four canons in charge of the collegiate church. Take a tour of the premises and discover a model of the château, stately ovens and a photographic exhibition entitled “Chemin de l’âme” which highlights the symbolic figures that decorate the ceilings of this fifteenth century château. 

The gardens :

The gardens stretch into the middle of the château itself. They are an oasis inside this stone fortress. Visitors may take a gentle stroll by the Thouet, or smell the roses and sit in the shade of a lime tree or an ancient yew and observe the château from the most interesting angles. Château Saumur may even be seen in the distance reminding one of the beautiful illustrations of the Du Duc de Berry’s book of hours.

The Collegiate Church :

Built at the end of the fifteenth century, the collegiate church of Notre-Dame was served by the canons of the Château. Coats of arms of various Lords decorate the interior of the church and commemorate many lives lost during the French revolution. The building was given to the town during the nineteenth century.